Direct Mail

Australia Post can give you access to up to 11.3 million letterboxes for community notices or up to 8.6 million letterboxes for general advertising.

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Increasingly all advertisers are looking for better targeting of their audiences and hence

less wastage in their media placement across all verticals. Direct Mail is no exception.

Through the use of intelligent analytics, and data Monster MaaS is able to get your message to your ideal customer. Utilising Roy Morgan and Mosiac, including Census data plus mapping and other door to door intelligence on customer segments. 

Combined with smart online analytics, geo fencing, using mobile longitude and latitude targeting, search (Google) and social (Facebook) strategies can now be aligned to deliver you more new customers.  


83% of people take the catalogues, flyers and brochures they receive with normal addressed mail into the house.

Australia Post UAM (unaddressed mail) using geo zoning, market profiles plus an Australia Post employee to deliver your article. Guaranteed delivery every time and highly credible.


Ability to target residential and commercial (business) locations.

Australia Post addressed article using first party databases or external second party verified data (Monster MaaS can also source via various data) self-addressed with the recipients detail on the mail piece – enveloped or adhesive labelled. This is a highly effective method of direct mail.


Address data is based on fact, not assumptions, and is updated regularly. This helps you to reduce advertising wastage, by printing only the quantities you need.

For a mass approach at significantly lower costs: use bulk mail to households, Australia wide using our preferred supplier partnerships of Salmat, PMP and Reach Media in New Zealand.

Flyers of a variety of sizes and stock weights are possible as are catalogues from a 4pp to 64pp plus many more custom promotions, magnets, stickers, samples etc.